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Limited edition Giclee print run of 24* featuring a reproduction of my coloured pencil drawing of an Arctic Tern: In Search of the Never Setting Sun


As a species, they see more daylight than any other creature on the planet due to their migration habits. They travel from their Arctic breeding grounds to Antarctica and back each year on an epic journey of over 14,000 miles (each way) in search of a sun that never fully sets. This long-distance travel allows them to benefit from the best of both the Northern and Southern polar summers.


In an average lifetime, an Arctic Tern may travel some 1.5 million miles - the equivalent of a roundtrip from Earth to the Moon more than 3x.


* 24 editions in the A4 Print run

* 12 editions in the A3 Print run

Arctic Tern: In search of the never setting sun: Limited Edition Print

    • Printed on the highest quality, 300gsm Somerset smooth archival paper.
    • The print is created from a high-quality scan, which means that no detail or pencil stroke is lost in the process
    • Printed using Giclee inks for archival quality and longevity
    • Signed certificate of authenticity included
    • Individually hand-signed and numbered
    • Print comes in 2 different sizes
    • A4 (approximately 8x12").

    • 24 editions in the print run

    • Size A4 (29.7 x 21cm)

    • This print is sent mounted on conservation grade, acid-free mountboard to fit an 11x14 frame.

    • Packaged in cardboard mailers with compostable eco-sleeves for safe travels around the world.
    • A3 (approximately 12x16")

      12 limited edition prints available

      This print is unmounted, and will be sent rolled in a postal tube to protect it from damage during transit.

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